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Higher Education Center

Marengo County is home to a state-of-the-art higher education center offering a wide range of courses.  The Demopolis Higher Education Center, to which the city contributes $100,000 annually, is operated under the umbrella of the University of West Alabama.  Alabama Southern Community College, the University of Alabama, and Auburn University are supporting partners.  The primary campus of the University of West Alabama, in Livingston, is located only 24 miles from Demopolis.  For information:  uwa.edu, or  334-287-0174.


School Systems

71.9% of citizens in Marengo County are high school graduates and 12.1% have a bachelor’s degree or higher.  There are three public and one private school systems within the county. 


Demopolis City Schools—334-289-1670


Linden City Schools—334-295-8802


Marengo County Schools—334-295-4123


Marengo Academy—334-295-4151

     Linden, Alabama (site under construction)

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