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The State of Alabama offers one of the most competitive tax environments for new and established companies.  Combined with property and sales tax incentives, qualifying businesses have a lower tax liability, which improves cash-flow for start-up phases of business as well as bottom-line positives for years to come.

In addition to these features, Marengo County is a business-friendly community that extends additional considerations based on job-creation and capital investment.

Examples of available major tax incentives, with qualifying criteria:

Sales, Use and Property Tax Abatement

Subject to verification by the Alabama Department of Revenue, development authorities and industrial boards, within Marengo County, may grant, to qualifying projects, abatement of the following:

¨ non educational state, county, and city property taxes

¨ state and sales use taxes

¨ non-educational county and city sales and use tax

¨ mortgage and recording fees


Property tax abatement is available for 10 years. Sales and use tax abatement is available during the construction phase of the project.


Angela Till, Abatements Administrator,

Alabama Department of Revenue

email: angela.till@revenue.alabama.gov


Capital Income Tax Credit

Subject to verification by the Alabama Department of Revenue, a capital credit, of  5% of total capital costs of a qualifying project, will be applied to Alabama income tax liability generated by the project income annually for 20 years.


Kelly Graham, Capital Credit Program Administrator

Alabama Department of Revenue